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day trading chat room

Join our daily live day trading chat room, and learn the best trading strategies to maximize your revenue.                                                  Learn to act swiftly and get creative with market alerts, so you can become a successful day trader and live on your own rules.

Stocks Rocks day trading

chat room

Specializing in Momentum trading strategies, we host a daily chat room that focuses on all the elements of successful practices. Here you will learn how to pick hot stocks from our scanner and swiftly convert on trades.

Live News Alerts

Most reliable news feeds to help traders with finding fast, real-time news to find volatility and trading opportunities

trade ideas scanner

Getting creative with day trading can be a difficult task. We provide a Trade Ideas Scanner with custom settings to find the hottest stocks every day.

trading video ARCHIVE

All of our live videos are archived, so you can go back to review them to master our trading Strategies at any time.

Our Trading Strategies

Buy Pre-market High

Pre-market high setups are triggered by a rally that occurs prior to the market opens.
We will analyze and establish the peak of a trade before the market opens, so when trading begins, you'll know exactly when to buy

Buy Bull Flags

We have a profound love of trading Bull Flags. We'll show you how to deal with them for low float stocks on the 1-minute and 5-minute charts. We'll also delve into the method of pulling back on the first couple of Bull Flags to wait for safe entry on 9EMA, 200EMA, or VWAP.

ABCD Breakout

The abcd trading setup is a volatile and occasionally violent trading type. The essence is to anticipate the market moving in a direction and trying to be there before it does, so as to maximise potential returns, and minimise potential losses.


A perilous setup that can bankrupt your account, but it's one of our favorites. We can teach you how to win big on trades with this strategy, but be aware of the high risk.
There is some rules for this setup:
1- The stock must be halted up.
2-The Stock has good volume.
3-The Stock has good news.
if the halt is more than 5 minutes that would be even greater setup...

Buy Sudden Dips

Many traders use the term "falling knife", to describe a security whose price has substantially declined and is very volatile. However,
Buying sudden dips is our favorite afternoon trade usually buying sudden dips supported with good support line ,
such as 200 EMA VWAP , Whole Dollar
and Half dollar


The VWAP indicator is a great tool for day traders, as well as swing traders who enjoy trading volatile stocks. The VWAP indicator is a volume weighted average price, and it can be used to establish support and resistance levels. This is a useful indicator for day traders to create entry signals into the stocks that they are trading.

Flat Top Breakouts

The flat top break out setup is a popular setup when trading stocks. With the break out strategy, you are anticipating that the price will move through an important level. Once that happens, you are in a position. The key to the flat top break out is to watch for market confirming trendlines.

Short Selling

Short selling stocks is the act of borrowing stock in an overpriced company, then selling it, and buying it back later when the price falls to cover the loaned shares, which is called repurchasing shares, thus allowing great returns on investments with high risk.
we implement this strategy when we see spike for the stock and reaching resistance line.

Red to Green

We'll detail the Red to Green method and how to apply to right after the market opens. We'll show you the quick actions required when executing the strategy.

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Why Join Our Day Trading Chat Room?

You can read books, watch videos, and listen to the stories. There’s nothing quite like interacting in real-time when it comes to day trading. If you are looking to gain expertise in the markets through action, our revered daily chat room will give you a competitive edge.

While learning every strategy and mastering every word of jargon are helpful in your financial ventures, it’s putting them into practice that gains the most reward. The most experience comes from doing, and joining us daily to learn trading strategies will place you on a wizard’s path.

Joining us will allow you to analyze, discuss, and ask questions before, during, and after the markets close. Get insight to see how the experts day trade, and learn strategies through observation and real action.

 Learn how to manage risks, and reap the rewards. Day Trading Chat Room will revolutionize your trading approach and put you in control.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Chat room hours?

Our chat room runs Mon-Fri, from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

what time is the live trading start?

We’ll begin trading every day at 9:30 AM when the stock market opens. We kindly note that we do not perform any pre-market trading.

Is the Stream delayed?

After trying and testing many live streaming platforms, we have found that Zoom has the least latency. We use this to perform best when trading and discussing in real-time.

What kind of trading we focus on?

The trading strategies we focus on are Momentum, Reversal, and Buying Dips.

Why should I join Zoom while you stream on Youtube free?

YouTube tends to have a 1-minute delay that can make all the difference in the live markets. Joining our Zoom chat will ensure that latency is minimal . and the live trading commentary is available here only.

Can I access The chat room for free?

Absolutely , everyday afternoon when we find free spots in Zoom , we will send invitation email to our subscribers. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE

What tools you use in trading?

– TOS platform for trading.

-DAS Tader

-Tradingview for charts.

-Trade ideas to find potential stocks .

-Stocks Squawk News

What indicators you use in trading

We don’t use technical indicators – we use 9EMA, -20EMA, -VWAP, and 200EMA.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership any time,

1-click on my account

2-Click on subscriptions

3-Click on Cancel 

for more info click here 

Which scanners we watch the most?

Before the market opens we usually focus on the most important Gappers before 9:30AM then we switch the focus to MOMO scanner(1) to look for Stocks making new highs and we decide if there is good setup to trade them.

MOMO scanner (1) shows stocks making new highs but sensitive to price action ,volume and relative volume.

MOMO scanner 2 and MOMO scanner 3 they show stocks making new high but more sensitive to price movement.

when the volume increases on Momo (1) and Momo (2) , the stocks alerts will start  to  pop on MOMO 1.

to recap : Stocks will show up on Momo(1) and Momo (2) before they show up on Momo(1) because of the high filtration in the  settings we’ve made. 

finally we watch the Halt/Resume scanner so we would find good trades to trade the halted tickers  preferably stocks halted for  10 minutes with positive news.

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