Scale in and out using Hot keys and download Das Trader Hot Keys

My sweet spot ls to buy 1000 shares and scale out with 200 shares x5 times.

If you’re struggling in the market I would recommend for you to start practice with

buying 25 shares and scale out 5 shares. using our

momentum strategy ( after practicing on the simulator enough time).

I know it seems so little share size but it’s very good start to get into trading .

when you do good trades in the first week with 25 shares trades , next week make it 50 shares.

The milestone weeks will be week #10, 20, 30 and 40.

In week #40 you will trade with 1000 shares and emotionally you will be more stable and will handle the risk better.

My favorite hot keys to scale in and out of positions in Das trader.

Shift+1 to buy 1000 shares on the ask , then hit shift+2 to sell 200 shares.

If the trade doesn’t work well for me I hit Shift+P (panic) to close my position.


If you will download the hot keys, test it on your demo account before using in on your real account

and adjust the hot keys with the share size you will use and test it on your demo account first.

Download Das Hot keys