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day trading
chat room

chat room

In the chat room we will be focusing on trading Momentum strategies after choosing the hot stocks from our scanner

Live News Alerts

Most reliable news feeds to help traders with finding fast, real-time news to find volatility and trading opportunities

trade ideas scanner

Trade Ideas Scanner will be provided with the top custom setting to find hot stocks everyday

trading video archieve

You will have access to old day trading Live streams to help you master our Momentum Strategies

Our Trading Strategies

Buy Pre-market High

We determine the high of the day in Pre-market hours and once the market opens we buy the break of this high.
-Works great with Direct access routing

Buy Bull Flags

We trade Bull flags for low float stocks on the 1 and 5 minutes chart
I love to trade the 1st and 2nd bull flags then wait for pullback to find safe entry , usually looking for pull back to the 9EMA ,200EMA or VWAP

Red to Green

We trade this setup minutes after the market opens, usually does the best when the stock Gapps up in
Pre-market then drops big drop once the market open.
My entry would be buying Bull flag on the 1 minute chart


This is my favorite and riskiest setup ever
You can make big profits or lose your whole account in 1 trade
I usually trade the first and the second halt and I avoid the 3rd halt

Buy Sudden Dips

My favorite afternoon trades usually buying sudden dips supported with good support line ,
either 9.200 EMA VWAP , Whole Dollar
and Half dollar

VWAP and Moving averages

Vwap works well as support and resistance, I usually go long when we see break of the Vwap or when it touches the VWAP support


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Frequently asked questions

What is the Chat room hours?

We start the live stream every weekday from 6:00AM to 8:00PM EST

what time is the live trading start?

We don’t trade Pre-market . but we trade every trading day when the stock  market opens at 9:30 AM EST

Is the Stream delayed?

We use Zoom for live stream . we tested many streaming platform and found out that zoom is the fastest one with zero latency.

What kind of trading we focus on?

-We focus on trading Momentum strategy,

-Reversal and buying Dips Strategy.

Why should I join Zoom while you stream on Youtube free?

We stream on Zoom with zero latency, Youtube is delayed 1 minute required by Trade Ideas.

and the live trading commentary available on Zoom only

Can I access The chat room for free?

Yes , everyday afternoon when we find free spots in Zoom , we post in Youtube the link to join Zoom to watch Scanners and Radio News real time

What tools you use in trading?

– TOS platform for trading.

-Tradingview for charts.

-Trade ideas to find potential stocks .

-Stocks News

What indicators you use in trading

We don’t use technical indicators but we use:

-9 EMA  -20 EMA  -VWAP  200EMA

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